The Hats and Handlebars Inspiration

There’s a special generation of people in our country.

They didn’t work 9 to 5…started when they had to and worked until the job was done.

They didn’t watch the weather channel for storms…just felt it in their bones.

When something broke down, they fixed it…not only because they had to, but because they knew how.

They raised their own food…farm-to-table was a way of life, not a trend.

They hauled their own water...sometimes uphill both ways.

They were tough as nails back then…even tougher now.

They are the definition of hard work...We are better people because of them.


This site was inspired by real ranchers and farmers, real men and women, real pillars of our country. We created this brand to honor their hard work by using it to influence modern designs on timeless classics.  We hope you like it. 
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