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Candles for Men (and the women that love them)

We're always looking for good products from hard-working folks. Fortunately, we found Wax & Wick. These guys take candle making seriously, and best of all, they are hand-crafted in Chicago, IL.  We've partnered with them to bring the best of the candle world to our site and our customers. Check out a recent post from their blog: NO Cheesy Man Candles, NO Floral Scents, Use Our REAL Scents to Upgrade Your Space January 07, 2016 We at Wax & Wick have discovered, through extensive research, that making a candle for a man or for a woman is a faux pas. Men are interested in REAL scents just as women are TIRED of floral scents. Our candles are made in micro-batches to...

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Beards Need Lovin Too

Beards Need Lovin Too.  Yes they do.  Our site always wanted to carry men's grooming products for all types of scruff, but we didn't want to develop it ourselves.  If we are going to carry someone's products, they have to be made in the USA.  Fortunately, we came across the brand Lucky Scruff.  Not only do they produce the stuff all facial hair needs, all of their oils, soaps, and waxes are hand crafted in Nashville, TN. Corey Allen, the founder and owner of Lucky Scruff, has some great posts on his blog about how to use their products.  So if you have questions about how to use your soaps, oils, waxes, or brushes, click here to learn more. Still...

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